Friday, October 1, 2010

Since I've joined facebook and posted things about Nathan and Olivia, I've had many comments on how people log on just to see what my children have been up too. So, I decided to create a blogspot to be able to share these insights and insanities in my life because facebook only allows you so many characters in that silly little box.

I've decided for my first post to be about my daughter, Olivia.  Olivia is 6 years old and in the 1st grade.  She is very bright.  Olivia is what I would call the perfect example of what Jesus refers to as "having the faith of a child."  She is a VERY powerful prayer warrior. 

Several months ago, Olivia began asking for a new baby kitty.  Her father and I explained that we already have one cat, one dog, one rabbit, and one adopted dog of the neighbors who thinks he lives with us.  Still she insisted upon having the kitty.  Time trods along, perhaps a month passes by.  Olivia has begun asking in our dinner time blessing for God to please bless her with a kitty.  This continues for a week, maybe two.  One Friday night as we are all seated for supper, Olivia asks the blessing.  Then before anyone could even pick up their fork, she yells, "Wait, wait, wait! I forgot something.  Dear Jesus and if you could please send me a new baby kitty that'd be great. Amen." 

Now, who out there believes in prayer? And to what extent DO you believe in prayer?  Ponder upon those thoughts while the saga continues...

We all eat supper, clean the kitchen, etc. and put the children to bed.  As Jerry and I get ready to call it a night, the dogs start barking and we hear a car slow down.  Assuming someone has pulled into the driveway we head out to the carport.  It is approximately 10 p.m.  By the time we get out the door, the car races off without us seeing who it was.  However, the dogs are still barking and are growling at the kid's wagon.  We move the wagon and low and behold there is a BABY KITTY!!!  "What now," we asked ourselves.  We decided to go on to bed and if the little kitty made it through the night we'd contend with it in the morning.

Well this malnourished, flea infested feline did indeed make it through the night.  She was so poor that when Nate put a milk crate over her as a cage, she went right through the handle with no problems.  So, now we have a new kitty.  Olivia calls it a gift from God.  What would YOU do with the little kitty?  What if it really WAS heaven sent?  We decided to let the little kitty kick it on our homestead.  We "donated" our big cat (which is another blog in itself) to Jerry's mom to be the new "barn kitty".

What, you may be asking is the point of this blog?  The point is, the little kitty whether it was heaven sent or not, has gone to chase the mice in the sky now.  Today makes two weeks since she came up missing.  I never mentioned anything to Olivia, I just waited until she missed Bella.  Last Tuesday, remnants of the little kitty appeared in the yard.  I have no idea what happened, just know for sure the outcome.

Olivia did not mention Bella to me until Wednesday afternoon.  Our conversation went something like this:
Olivia:   Mama I know what happened to Bella.
Mama:   Oh really?
Olivia:    Oh yes! You know how I speak Dog? Mama you do know I speak Dog right?
Mama:    Of course, Livi.  (She has never mentioned speaking Dog before, so I just went right along to          avoid a detour.)
Olivia:   Well, I was outside talking to Raven (this is our dog).  I said, "Raven, where is Bella?"  And mama this is what she told me...
Mama:    And what's that Olivia?
Olivia:   She said Bella went off deep, deep, deep into the woods and while she was in the woods something attacked her and killed her.  I'm sorry mama, but she's never coming back.
Mama:   Oh Livi, that's so sad.
Olivia:   Yep, I know mama.  I'm going to feed the rabbit now.
Mama:  Okay dear...

So now you decide, would this be an insight?  Or perhaps an insanity?  And so the title of my blog is formed.  Have a great day!